"Learning has never been more
fun." --- Daniela, Mom

A kid-friendly, award-winning.
digital learning program that's
scientifically proven to improve
children's vocabularies

"Results show that children in classrooms with access to Big Word Club performed better than the control group at a statistically significant higher level." --- Susan E. Mayer and Ariel Kalil, University of Chicago  Executive Summary
300+ Animated Videos, Books, Songs & Dances
Scientifically Proven to Improve Children's Vocabularies

How Big Word Club Works

Start Your Day with the Big Word of the Day

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Watch Those Words Come Alive in Books, Songs & Dances

Wrap Up Each Week with the Big Word Club Review
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Big Word Club improves your kid’s vocabulary in fast, fun and effective ways.
Kids with bigger vocabularies do better in school and in life.
Your kids will love sharing their new “BIG” words with you.
“Simply put: knowing more words makes you smarter.”
-E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
Channie F. Preschool Teacher
I love how Big Word Club appeals to the differing needs of our young learners. Our visual learners love watching the videos! Our auditory learners love to sing the songs and listen to the stories! Our physical learners get up and dance along each week! We love Big Word Club!
Cindy P. 1st Grade Teacher
This has to be the best program I have used in a long time! My kids love it and it is making vocabulary fun.
Daniela T. Mom of 5 year-old
Big Word Club had my daughter up dancing and singing and kept her engaged the entire time. It's expanded her vocabulary significantly, and she loves talking about the new words she's learned. Her screen time is now learning time. Thank you, Big Word Club!
Aaron J. Dad of four
We love Big Word Club! Our kids can't wait to hear each day's Big Word of the Day and then use it in sentences throughout the day. Thanks to Big Word Club even my vocabulary is improving!
Debbie B. Kindergarten Teacher, Title 1
The children were fully engaged with the lessons, and I attribute it to the video vocabulary, book, and song. Good tie in to science curriculum where vocabulary is essential. Love seeing kids move, laugh and learn!
Janet R. Mom of three
Since Big Word Club, our preschooler, 2nd grader and 4th grader have fallen in love with words. My husband and l are amazed at the “BIG” words they now use in everyday conversations. Even their teachers have noticed. Thank you, Big Word Club!
Cathi T. Preschool Teacher
My class is loving the Big Word of the Day! They are using words like "extinct". Throughout the day I ask them to tell me what the Big Word is and tell me about the word. They are very excited!
Susan H. 4th Grade Dual-Language
My kids and I love the Big Word of the Week dances and the songs. The songs are catchy, and my students really look forward to learning about the word of the week each morning. I also find myself humming the tunes throughout the day. The Big Word of the Week videos are quick and easy!
Tracy W. Kindergarten Teacher
My kindergarten students are just loving it. I play the Big Word of the Day and do the book and song every day. They love to dance and sing. It is just perfect for this age level.

Kids Love Big Word Club

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As a children’s book author and 11-time Emmy award-winning writer, words have always been important to Big Word Club founder, Shane DeRolf. His books have sold over 2 million copies worldwide and his animated music videos have received over 80 million views on YouTube. Big Word Club seeks to improve the vocabularies of every kid on the planet because...

“Simply put; knowing more words makes you smarter”

--E.D. Hirsch, Jr.