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"Results show that children in classrooms with access to Big Word Club performed better than the control group at a statistically significant higher level." --- Susan E. Mayer and Ariel Kalil, University of Chicago  Executive Summary
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Scientifically Proven to Improve Children's Vocabularies

How Big Word Club Works

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Big Word Club improves your kid’s vocabulary in fast, fun and effective ways.
Kids with bigger vocabularies do better in school and in life.
Your kids will love sharing their new “BIG” words with you.
“Simply put: knowing more words makes you smarter.”
-E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
Jennifer J. 1st Grade Teacher
So today my student was reading a book and had to answer a question for me: "What does it mean to be best friends?” Student says: "It means they are SYMBIOTIC and they will help each other get through life!” I love Big Word Club!
Amy P. 2nd Grade Teacher
We love, love, LOVE the program!
Owen D. Preschool Teacher
It is my first day of my Spring Break. I am walking around my house and singing "Archaeopteryx, a bird like flying dinosaur." Even teachers can learn new words, too!!!
Cindy M. 1st Grade Teacher
My first graders LOVE Big Word Club! It's their favorite part of the day! We review earlier weeks' songs during brain breaks for a win-win situation! They get to dance & move while I get to see what they've retained.
Cathi T. Preschool Teacher
My class is loving the Big Word of the Day! They are using words like "extinct". Throughout the day I ask them to tell me what the Big Word is and tell me about the word. They are very excited!
Nancy T. Preschool Teacher
I LOVE Big Word Club! My preschool students love it, too! Parents and other teachers are amazed when my students explain what an Archaeopteryx is!
Sarah B. 1st Grade Teacher
They are roaring with the dinosaurs! They begged me to let you know that they LOVED their first Big Word Club experience! Thank you for getting my first graders so excited about learning new words!

Kids Love Big Word Club

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As a children’s book author and 11-time Emmy award-winning writer, words have always been important to Big Word Club founder, Shane DeRolf. His books have sold over 2 million copies worldwide and his animated music videos have received over 80 million views on YouTube. Big Word Club seeks to improve the vocabularies of every kid on the planet because...

“Simply put; knowing more words makes you smarter.”

--E.D. Hirsch, Jr.